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Today I got to do a quick 49 minute moto on my favorite practice track in the entire world, Cahuilla Creek Motocross!  Track has been great with the new owners and Ron has been doing a great job on the track prep.  After a rain he has it fixed back up about as fast as

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CRF300 Video Built by Jay Clark for Thumper Racing

Thumper Racing Hot Cams CRF300R Project. Here is a link to one of my latest project bikes


Dirt Bike Magazine three CRF250’s

The new CRF250R’s are fuel injected and a complete new engine. Travis at Thumper got one to 280cc with a big bore and a stroker version out to 300. We did the 264cc version here. Tested one day at racetown and one at Piru and had about eight different test riders all love each of

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2010 CRF450R for PU

Parts Unlimited magazine got to test the best mods on a current CRF450R– Hot Cam and high comp piston. Josh Brown for testing riding and Kenny Jones shooting the pics. Came out great!

MXA Project YZF450

Tom Morgan at Hot Cams came up with great cams and mapping to put this mod on top of MXA’s mini-test a few months back!

Got it this time

Last minute Hot Cams got Kiniry to fly out from New York state and give it a shot and see the Racer X project bike through.

Johnny gave it a great shot!

He came up short the Sunday before the National on a section they ended up taking out for the race. Bummer deal—

FMX Best Whip Champion Honda CRF450R Race Bike

We tried for the last national but go hurt so had to go Johnny Jeldera.

Pivot Works Watertight Wheel Collars

These come in the already proven wheel bearing kits and have an o-ring on the inside diameter of the spacer so that no water gets in to the axle/bearings.

Honda’s Proven TRX 450R with a Cylinder Works Complete Big Bore Kit

A simple drop-in kit that really works!!! Combined with a Hot Cam and FMF pipe.

Honda 700XX Big Bore 4 Wheel Action Magazine Project Quad

Great mod by Travis at Thumper!!!!

TWMX project by CV4, FMF, Hot Cams and CP

Last year we went for the 470 big bore but this year we kept it stock bore and hit a homer with this full CV4 mod.

FMF Got A New FI Harley For Project Bike!

CP made the Custom pistons, Race Tech took care of the suspension and Bennetts Performance put it all together. FMF made custom pipes with self tuning Dynojet power Commander. Will be in Cycle World shortly.

2010 CRF450R Ryno Race bike- Great Project

He is hard on bikes!

Dirt Wheels Thumper Racing Rincon Big Bore

On the cover of the October issue!!

Simply Drop-In 269cc Kit

Here is a picture of the Cylinder Works 269cc kit that works on all 2001-2011 YZ/WR 250’s. This is the best mod for your money on a YZ/WR 250. Only $599.95 Cylinder, piston kit and gaskets!

Cylinder Works and Hot Rods 284cc kit for the YZF 250

Fits all current YZF250’s and either the cylinder big bore kit alone at 269cc or stroker to go to 284cc — This one was for Moto USA

Fast Core Mods CRF469cc

Transworld Motocross just tested the latest beast I created. Fast Core Mods did the head Work, Millennium the big bore cylinder and CP the high compression piston.

Thumper WR250X Big Bore

280cc big bore with a CP Piston, FMF Pipe, Millennium Cylinder plating and Thumper put it all together for Cycle World.

Thumper Racing Knows BIG with the KTM 600

Brian at SRC worked with Thumper Racing to make the fastest thing we have ever riden. Josh in his Fox gear is a Quad pro now!

2010 CRF250R Big Bore into 264cc

Stock is 76.8mm and big bore is out to 79mm making it 264cc and the results are great! Big power gains for low cost in the new CRF250R with no fuel mapping changes.

Dirt Wheels 400 EX into 417cc Bolt on Mods

The Honda 400 motor is proven but can just use a bit of a boost from a cam and piston. Hot Cams and CP took care of that with a FMF pipe.

Dunlop Tire Change 2010 YZF450 with Jay Clark

Check out this cool Motorcycle USA tire change video we just did during shootouts. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/708/Motorcycle-Video/Dunlop-Tire-Changing-Guide.aspx We had a great time making it and I hope you find it useful.

Dirt Bike YZ284cc Vertex and Cylinder Works

Adam Booth from Dirt Bike came out to C&L in Iowa to see the plant and ride the Tom Morgan modified 2010 YZ250 into a 284cc

BBR Has A Great 150 Kit For The Very Fun To Ride TTR125

150cc kit with a Hot Cam and FMF pipe rips and will soon be in Cycle News.

Yamaha Blaster Two-Stroke

The same for nearly 20 years the Blaster can use some extra power and Dirt Wheels will have this quad in very soon.

Dirt Bike Magazine CRF230L Street Legal with 250 Kit

Custom CP Piston matched up to a Thumper Advanced Sleeve. Travis at Thumper got this running really good and way more power than stock.

Cahuilla Creek Motocross FUN!!!

Well, after twelve long weeks of re-habing my dislocated shoulder I am back on a bike (still probably too soon but I have to do it). Much slower of course but I am riding. I have only rode a few times and only at Cahuilla Creek Motocross. Why, because for some reason I feel the

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4 Wheel ATV Action Mag Honda 700XX Photo Shoot

Joe Kosch at 4-Wheel ATV Action just snapping some pics of ATV Pro-to-be Russell Wayman on the built 700XX. Look for this soon in 4 wheel.

Millennium Technologies Now Does Head Repair!

Millennium Technologies has cylinder head repair that uses their simultaneous 5-axis computer numeric controlled cylinder head porting center (what is that? so very trick machine to re-cut your seats and install valve guides). The work is great and is as good or better than stock and can save you some money on and let you

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Tokyomods Ron Wood Does Carb Magic

What is the most important mod you can do to your current 4-stroke? Make sure it is jetted perfectly. 250F’s are in need of this most and Ron Wood at TokyoMods does a awesome job of making sure your carburetor is perfect after his mods are done you will get rid of any bog you

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TWMX Poster Bike

Fast Core Mods did the full head work and Hot Cams brand new stage 3 cam went into the 469cc Millennium cylinder. FMF Pipe and some serious polishing. One trick 09 Honda CRF450R (well 469cc) We will see this on a TWMX poster coming up soon.

Mammoth Motocross 2009

Since 1968 Mammoth Mountain has been going strong and we have been a part of for the last 16 years. We enjoy the great racing and the outdoors of Mammoth. C&L: Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works and Cylinder Works are big sponsors as usual. Last week was the Vets then the Mini’s and on

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MXA August Issue

Check out the upcoming August issue of Motocross Action Magazine to see a full test on the 09CRF450R made into a 469cc monster. Great help on this project-thanks to all and especially Tokyo Mods. Just saw the article and not as good as I would like as they felt we had too much bottom end.

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Cahuilla Creek MX good again!

Cahuilla Creek MX has long been one of my favorite tracks but it can also be just terrible if the track prep is not good. Well, Danny has got some help now and they are investing in good equipment and staff to ensure there are no “bad days” so far the last two weeks have

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Hangtown JCE racer Josh Brown

40th fastest 250F pro rider at Hangtown! Well, almost. My helper and long time friend Josh Brown gave it a go in the 250 class at Hangtown after nearly a year off of racing and came in at 40th in the qualifying times. However, they only took 38 directly to the show and then a

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Glen Helen 09

This weekend was the 250/450 Glen Helen National. The event was incredible and it is amazing to watch up close the top riders in the world ride the most gnarly track on earth. On TV you can’t comprehend what these guys do on the track Jody designed. We were all tired from doing banners and

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GLEN HELEN– 1st and most exciting National

The AMA Nationals Start this Saturday at Glen Helen and Tuesday they were in full swing getting ready, the National track is incredible! Big jumps and huge hills.

Milestone on Monday Morning

Even with a down economy Milestone MX in Riverside CA, is getting big numbers for their practices. They have very consistent prep and keep things watered nicely. The Main track is a bit gnarly for my taste right now however, the vet track is really good to burn some laps on. The location is great

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Dirt Wheels Polaris 450

FMF Polaris 450 project with Fox Shox — came out great. Cain was very impressed with the mucho power.


Great Honda 250F made even better! Thanks JC and MOTOUSA.COM

Dirt Wheels LTZ250 Shoot

Here is a pic of the Hot Cams, CP Piston powered LTZ250. You’re not too impressed well there are not many parts for these quads out there and now there is a good kit to power up your wife or daughters quad.

Dirt Bike– BIG TEST

Dirt Bike Ron Lawson, Tom Webb and Adam Booth all enjoyed my 4 250F 2mm over project at Racetown

Project 2009 Honda CRF250R

For this TWMX project we built up a CRF250R into a full blow Arenacross pro level race bike. I didn’t of course have a full blown pro level Arenacross racer so we did the best we could and kinda did a extreme home make over and let made the dreams of a kid from the

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Jeremy Lusk

I went the funeral for Lusk today. Not too much to say (no one likes funerals do they). I listened to some really nice things said about him from his family and friends. Faisst and Deegan were of course very sad with the loss of their friend. I came in contact with Jeremy as I

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Dostal doing well!

Jiri got hurt pretty badly the day after Christmas on one of our secret hill tracks. He had a very close call and a very tough surgery. It is great to see him walking around and doing so well. He now has the splints off his hands and he went to A3 and SD SX

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Project we shot in January with Final Lap out a Perris Raceway

Latest Projects

In January we shot this project Yamaha 269cc with a Cylinder Works 3mm over bore cylinder with a CP piston and Hot Cams.

Changing A Motocross Tire Made Easy

Here is a video that demonstrates how to change a tire on your motocross bike.

Getting Started

Well, after nearly 20 years of working in the industry I am finally official in having my own company.  Here I will list some of the current and up to date projects I am working on.  In the past few weeks I have just finished up a big CRF250R (4 bikes) test with Dirt Rider. 

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