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Today I got to do a quick 49 minute moto on my favorite practice track in the entire world, Cahuilla Creek Motocross!  Track has been great with the new owners and Ron has been doing a great job on the track prep.  After a rain he has it fixed back up about as fast as anyone could.  I used to love to ride in the hills in the winter but now Cahuilla is my place and can avoid being hassled by the man and have a great time.  The vet/quad track is also fully prepped and a fun layout for those looking for a few less ruts and fast guys.  Cahuilla’s main track is good for letting a Vet like me ride on a tough challenging track without having to worry about a ton of double or triples but still challenging enough for fast pros.  Fun place for beginner to pro!  Now they just added Friday into the weekly rotation for practice as well. 
Check out their main page of their site to see a video from See the track –
Also note that REM at Glen Helen is still my most favorite Saturday race spot—ha ha

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