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Racer X Ride Day Zaca Station


Raw riding – two-stroke sounds Varner CR250


Racer X Films: 2008 CRF450 Project


Project XP1000 Big Bore with Dirt Wheels

Trials rear tires for trail riding

Green River Trail Ride

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Yes, especially with a new RMZ250 and a MX11 on some freshly rain-watered  California dirt it is truly amazing.

Today I got to do a quick 49 minute moto on my favorite practice track in the entire world, Cahuilla Creek Motocross!  Track has been great with the new owners and Ron has been doing a great job on the track prep.  After a rain he has it fixed back up about as fast as

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Cahuilla Creek Motocross FUN!!!

Well, after twelve long weeks of re-habing my dislocated shoulder I am back on a bike (still probably too soon but I have to do it). Much slower of course but I am riding. I have only rode a few times and only at Cahuilla Creek Motocross. Why, because for some reason I feel the

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Mammoth Motocross 2009

Since 1968 Mammoth Mountain has been going strong and we have been a part of for the last 16 years. We enjoy the great racing and the outdoors of Mammoth. C&L: Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works and Cylinder Works are big sponsors as usual. Last week was the Vets then the Mini’s and on

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Cahuilla Creek MX good again!

Cahuilla Creek MX has long been one of my favorite tracks but it can also be just terrible if the track prep is not good. Well, Danny has got some help now and they are investing in good equipment and staff to ensure there are no “bad days” so far the last two weeks have

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Hangtown JCE racer Josh Brown

40th fastest 250F pro rider at Hangtown! Well, almost. My helper and long time friend Josh Brown gave it a go in the 250 class at Hangtown after nearly a year off of racing and came in at 40th in the qualifying times. However, they only took 38 directly to the show and then a

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Glen Helen 09

This weekend was the 250/450 Glen Helen National. The event was incredible and it is amazing to watch up close the top riders in the world ride the most gnarly track on earth. On TV you can’t comprehend what these guys do on the track Jody designed. We were all tired from doing banners and

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GLEN HELEN– 1st and most exciting National

The AMA Nationals Start this Saturday at Glen Helen and Tuesday they were in full swing getting ready, the National track is incredible! Big jumps and huge hills.

Milestone on Monday Morning

Even with a down economy Milestone MX in Riverside CA, is getting big numbers for their practices. They have very consistent prep and keep things watered nicely. The Main track is a bit gnarly for my taste right now however, the vet track is really good to burn some laps on. The location is great

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