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Trailworthy Honda CR85R: Filling the Void!

Dunlop AT81 Intro Video

08″ CRF450R That Blows New Bikes Away

Vertex KX450F



Tire Change 101 Dirt Bike Magazine

2013 Kawasaki KX250F Vs. 1983 Honda XR200 Video

Hot Cams RM-Z250 Project Build

Cycle News – Project Bike: Cylinder Works Big-Bore 2014 Honda CRF270R

A great article on our project KXF450



Transworld MX Poster

CRF478X Dirt Bike Magazine

MXA KX100 Build in the May issue of MXA

Identity Theft R-to-X Dirt Bike Magazine

Suzuki RM-Z250 built to launch the new Dunlop MX32

2006 CR250 MXA Build

2010 CRF 250R Rebuild

Great article in the current MXA — RMZ’s



Not every kid is ready for a 224-pound, 250cc four-stroke—we buy a used $700 minicycle that can race the Supermini, 125 two-stroke and 250 Novice classes     For more information, go to Tom Morgan Racing at www.morganracingengines.com and Race Tech atwww.racetech.com.

Upgrade – 2013 RMZ450

2014 CRF450r Big Bore in Racer X

2013 CRF450r project bike in Dirt Rider

Raptor Titanium Foot pegs

I get a lot of questions on which foot pegs to use on motocross bikes and we have mainly been using the cast Titanium pegs from Works Connection with great result and they are priced very well for a durable Ti peg set.   However, for some projects to find additional fitment we have gone to

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Suzuki LTR474 -ATV Action Story

On the cover and inside the January issue of ATV Action (page 58-62)

Project RMZ450 – January issue of Racer X

Racer X Tested: 2014 Suzuki RM-Z450

Here is a update to the RMZ450 we recently shot. Look for it in print, in the next issue of Racer X.

Racer X Tested: 2013 RMZ250F Big Bore

Here is a video that goes along with the 250 Big bore shootout we did a few months back.

Dirt Rider one page test: Buck Twenty-Five

Follow this link to the full digital edition story: http://www.dirtrider.com/features/2000-honda-cr125/ Or click on the image above for the one-page printed edition.

Dirt Rider Hot Cams review on the new RMZ250

Another great MXA article. TMR worked his magic on our CR112.

Here is a great story on a YFZ450 featured in ATV Action.

Great story on the ATV Rider- Cylinder Works Big Bore Raptor 727cc

Another great throttle body mod from Wade Wilcox at Injectioneering


Honda 250/450X AirBox Mod from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and J.C.E.


Here is another great TWMX Poster

A great story in Dirt Bike magazine with our project WR450’s

Click for the full story!

Great coverage on the TWMX poster!

Check out Spencer Clark in TWMX!


Big Bore 250’s: Great fun with all of the current Fuel Injected 250’s loving a big bore bolted on!

Millennium/Vertex Project KTM 250 Big bore test

2013 JCE Glen Helen 10-Hour team

Finally! A great value wheel set



MXA – Cylinder Works CRF270

REM MX Glen Helen

  REM and Glen Helen do a great job– And Myra is so Awesome!                  Cylinder Works KXF269cc  for the REM Holeshot!      

2013 Big Bore RM-Z270

Here is a fix up project we did with a CR125

MXA: Cylinder Works’ KTM 365 SXF

Dirt Bike Magazine CRF 250R mods


Check out this new video on Racer X with a YZ450 we fixed up.

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Yes, especially with a new RMZ250 and a MX11 on some freshly rain-watered  California dirt it is truly amazing.

Here is a link to a great story on a RMZ270 project from Racer X

Here is a good video for those wanting to know how to remove their back-fire screen from their current 4-stroke.

Here is a video we did to help keep your bike looking and working good.

Check out part one on our Dirt Rider project KXF250

Mini Rider CRF150R Project

Dirt Rider’s Two-Stroke bottom end rebuild with Hot Rods, Vertex and Millennium.

2012 YZF250 Project bike follow up.

          JCE racer Cody Brownfield and Jay Clark have now logged over 40 hours on the Dirt Bike Magazine project Yamaha YZ269cc.  Cody is racing REM and Triple Crown events in So Cal. The 2012 model has proven to be very reliable and perform well with all of the mods.  The

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A Great Sight!

      Six new 2013 250’s ready for a Dirt Rider Shootout. And a new Honda 450 for a cover shoot all with new Dunlop MX 51’s ready to go.                  

My favorite boots now come in some blinging color combos.

Raptor 250


Racer X Tested: Install Cams


The Forsaken: A motorcycle is saved


Good Buys and Great Performance

Beyond the 250Fs How do the 250s stack up as 270s

Cylinder Works YFZ478cc Big Bore


Big Bore Vertex RMZ Project Bike

MXA Test: Best Bank For The Buck

RacerX 125

We Ride Cylinder Works KTM 280 SX-F

Click for the full story  

Jay Clark build on the cover of the May issue of Dirt Bike magazine

Click for the full story

Budget Build – 2009 Honda CRF450R

Click for the full story: – After

Metaltek Racing Engine Stand

Here is one of the coolest new products in quite sometime. For those that work on their own engines a lot this is a must and worthy of any top notch shop. http://www.metaltekracing.com/ Here are two videos that show all about this great engine stand. Click for more info.     http://www.metaltekracing.com/ Videos that show all about

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Jay visits C&L Companies

I was able to go back and visit the main company I work with C&L (Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works, Vertex and now Ossa) – Boy that is a mouthful to say.  I had a great time and it is amazing how much is always going on there.   There will always be

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A Faster Blaster

Build a Faster Blaster. Click for the story.

FastCore Mods head, port and valve job

Brady at FastCore Mods recently ported my CRF250R head and did a valve job.  Amazing work and the power is great!  Check them out for any head work you might need.  810-441-3172   www.fastcoremods.com

UTV Action ParaPros Rhino

Jeremy Lusk

I went the funeral for Lusk today. Not too much to say (no one likes funerals do they). I listened to some really nice things said about him from his family and friends. Faisst and Deegan were of course very sad with the loss of their friend. I came in contact with Jeremy as I

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Dostal doing well!

Jiri got hurt pretty badly the day after Christmas on one of our secret hill tracks. He had a very close call and a very tough surgery. It is great to see him walking around and doing so well. He now has the splints off his hands and he went to A3 and SD SX

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Project we shot in January with Final Lap out a Perris Raceway

Latest Projects

In January we shot this project Yamaha 269cc with a Cylinder Works 3mm over bore cylinder with a CP piston and Hot Cams.

Getting Started

Well, after nearly 20 years of working in the industry I am finally official in having my own company.  Here I will list some of the current and up to date projects I am working on.  In the past few weeks I have just finished up a big CRF250R (4 bikes) test with Dirt Rider. 

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